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At AgSolver, we recognize there is more to profit than simply yield. We provide you with the tools to analyze not just your fields’ agronomic performance, but their economic performances. See where your fields are making and losing money and then compare potential management scenarios.

Discover how AgSolver can boost your farm’s profitability.

At Risk

3%-15% of all acres are consistently unprofitable

AgSolver can help you identify these acres and find alternative management techniques to increase your total profit.

Unprofitable Acres

Your consistently unprofitable acres. Consider using alternative management practices and redistributing your inputs to higher-profit areas.

At Risk Acres

Your marginal ground that barely breaks even. Consider cutting input costs to reduce your risk.

High-Profit Acres

Your best performing acres, which could benefit from additional input dollars pulled from At Risk and Unprofitable areas.

Success stories from farmers like you


During these tight-margin years, Profit Zone Manager is an essential tool in helping us make money-saving decisions.

Tim Recker - Arlington, IA

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Profitability and conservation are synergistic. At Ohio State University’s Molly Caren Research farm, farm managers and Pheasants Forever field biologists used Profit Zone Manager to explore alternative management strategies for unprofitable acres.

Molly Caren Research farm
Ohio State University

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Using the best technology available to improve my field’s performance is really what helps my farm stay profitable.

Nashua, IA Farmer

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Packed full of features. Explore our homegrown app.

Profit Zone Manager

Financial Outcomes

With Profit Zone Manager, you can create management scenarios based on your harvest data, as-applied data, and crop budgets. Quickly compare new outcomes and answer key questions.

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Multiyear Analysis

In Profit Zone Manager, multiple years of crop data are automatically averaged. Put dollars and cents to your gut feeling and identify performance trends from one crop year to the next.

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Satellite Imagery

Use Profit Zone Manager satellite imagery to view yields from each of the past 4 years. During the growing season, use this technology to predict yields at a 30-meter resolution.

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Data Maps

Analyze your fields’ performance like never before with Profit Zone Manager maps and reports. See profit, return on investment, production efficiency, and more for each year of data.

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Take Profit Zone Manager for a spin.

Whether you’re considering applying fungicide or installing buffer strips, Profit Zone Manager can help you make the right decisions for each field. Analyze a field’s economic performance and then test the profitability of potential management scenarios. With Profit Zone Manager, you can evaluate decisions in the virtual world before you take on real world risk.


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