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See your fields
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in high-
Imagine crop budgets at
10 to 30 feet resolutions.
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Enabling farmers

With valid usable information.

Agribusiness cash flows are currently calculated at the field or enterprise level, but information is available to support cash flow analysis, or crop budgeting, at a much higher level. PZM delivers high-resolution crop budgets to help decision makers understand financial risk and identify opportunities for increasing profit through management at the subfield scale.

Understand and reduce Financial risk

identify opportunities to increase profitability

Make better commodity marketing decisions

management at the subfield scale

How it Works

How it works

PZM uses machine data and crop budgets to identify different zones of production with in a field

Profit maps are calculated using yield data, as-applied machine data, and field level budgets.

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Precision Business Planning™

Farming in the Cloud

Farming in the cloud

All you need is an internet connection.

Yes! It's that simple. Your data is safe, secure,
backed up and always at your finger tips.

The Profit Zone Manager is delivered through a cloud-based web service as an extension to cash flow software tools used by lenders and agribusiness managers.
Farming in the Cloud

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